A Note about Gravity Casting or Cuttlebone Casting

Casting using cuttlebone the backbone of the cuttlefish, as a mould material is a technique that has been in use for centuries. It is traditionally a method that gold and silversmiths have had in their repertoire to be used when other techniques were either slow or in some other way inadequate.

The organic texture and aesthetic characteristics of the cuttlebone casting is what I like in the pieces I created in this new line of jewelry.

Most moulds are means to an end but this is not always the case with cuttlebone moulds. The mould can be the end in itself as it is possible to conceive the design carry it out directly into the mould and cast it. The cast is merely a transposition of what has gone before, tempered by the organicness of the cuttlebone.
GravityCast Brooches (3 items)
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